New Volunteer Role Descriptions

Ways to Volunteer

  • In 4-H there are many ways to volunteer.
    • All volunteers work with youth and adult volunteers in offering a positive youth development experience for young people
    • Check out specific volunteer opportunities below.

Activity/Event Volunteer

  • Provide leadership/organization for an activity or event and/or participate as a committee member

Adult Advisor/Chaperone

Work with a team of adult advisors and 4-H Youth Development staff to ensure youth have a safe and positive educational experience

Club Enrollment Coordinator

  • Provide leadership for members and adult volunteers who are enrolling in the club or group organization

Club Leader

  • Includes: Club leader, Co-organizational Leader, Co-General Leader, Organizational Leader, and General Leader
  • Provide leadership to the club or group organization

Committee Volunteer

  • Provide leadership for a committee and/or participate as a member of a committee
  • Create educational experiences for all youth engaged in the program

Project Leader

  • Provide leadership and organization to the project group who is learning about a specific topic. For example: photography, arts, foods, community service, rocketry and robotics, gardening, rabbits, dairy, etc.

For more information about volunteering through 4-H follow the link below.

Become a Volunteer

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