May Plant Day

Barb Ornes is having another plant day for May 21st at the Norwalk Village Park, starting at 3:30 p.m. Bring your own containers (with drainage holes) and preferred plants. There will be a few select plants for purchase. Large containers (10” and up) can have multiple plants. Cost for soil will be determined by size of container. Deadline is May 18th. To sign up, go to:

Did you know, this could be something you could enter in the Monroe County Fair? Look in Department 15—Flowers & Houseplants, page 21 & 22 in the Monroe County Exhibitor’s book.

CLASS G – Potted Outdoor Plants, grades 3-6
CLASS H – Potted Outdoor Plants, 7th grade +)

Lot No. Description
1. Begonia, fibrous, single plant
2. Begonia, tuberous, single plant
3. Coleus, single plant
4. Fuchsia, single plant
5. Geranium, blooming, single plant
6. Hanging Planter, min. 3 varieties
7. Hanging Planter, single variety
8. Impatiens, single plant
9. Planter, minimum 3 varieties
not hanging
10. Any other single outdoor plant
11. Fairy Garden
12. Begonia, Angel wing, single plant
13. Succulent garden outdoor, min. 3 varieties

CLASS O – Planters
Club Planter/Barrel – 12” x 12” up to 14” x 24”

**After the judging of these planters they will be on display and used as decorations during the fair in the buildings or near doorways to buildings on the fairgrounds.

Lot No. Description
1. Planter or Barrel