Dear Horse & Pony Project Families,

The following are the results of the Horse & Pony Project meeting held on January 24, 2019. These committees were established: Grounds, Practice Rides, Fundraising, Information, Clinicians, Advertising, Potluck, Volunteers, and Project Day. The committees will be made up of the people that make the choices and manage the needs for the project.

These expectations were carefully balanced to make a meaningful project and meet the needs of members:

  • All families must be on at least one project committee
  • The progressive skills assessment will be used, members are expected to make progress on those skills
    • Any experienced certified horse volunteer can initial a member’s progress
    • Any unsafe horsemanship or riding will be brought to the attention of the County 4-H Staff
  • Members will pay a project fee instead of finding sponsorships
    • Members may still solicit sponsorships to cover their project fee
    • New member = $20; Returning member = $40
    • Family Plan = $40 1st, $20 2nd & 3rd, $80 Family Max
  • Paper work
    • ID Forms will still be Due May 15
    • Coggins must be valid for 4-H project rides
      • Members are responsible to provide project leaders with current test results
    • Minimum Participation Expectations
      • Members in a Community Club: 2 events, 1 with a horse
      • SPIN Members: 4 events, 2 with a horse

Below you will find the sponsorship form if you want to try to find sponsors for your fees. The annual Horse ID Sheet and you will also find the Progressive Skills Model. Also included is the full list of volunteer committees for families to choose the one(s) they wish to serve. Please email or call Joshua at or 608-269-8722 with which committee your family wants to serve. The next item is the Acknowledgement Form that states you understand the rules in this letter for participating in the Horse & Pony project. Please sign and return the form in the mail or scan and send to the above email address. If you have questions, please call or email.

If your family is not planning to actively participate in the Horse & Pony Project, please contact Joshua so your member can be removed from the project list. Thank you

Important Project Forms

Horse Project Sponsorship Form (.doc)  

Horse ID Forms: WORD  PDF

4-H levels of riding in a table

Horse Committee lists 2018-19

MCHPP Acknowledgement Form

Upcoming Events as of 1-24-19

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