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The Cutting Edge: A Podcast in Search of New Crops for Wisconsin  – Join UW-Madison Division of Extension as they search for new crops for Wisconsin growers, processors, and consumers.  The strength of Wisconsin’s agricultural economy is its diversity…something that doesn’t just happen by chance.  It is a product of the relentless drive of researchers and farmers to innovate, explore, and experiment.  Join us for a glimpse into the exciting new research and development bringing new crops and diversity to Wisconsin.

Industrial Hemp Virtual Field Day News Release September 11, 2020
Getting Ready For Corn Silage Harvest News Release August 20, 2020
Wisconsin Marestail Herbicide Resistance Screening Project News Release August 3, 2020
Post-Emergence Corn & Soybean Herbicide Product Restrictions for Broadcast Applications News Release May 20, 2020
Alfalfa Winter Injury & Kill:  Evaluating Stands for 2020 News Release April 9, 2020
DATCP Extends Pesticide Applicator Certification News Release March 27, 2020  Latest Fact Sheet April 2, 2020

2019 Hybrid and Variety Trials

Wisconsin Corn Hybrid Trials
Wisconsin Soybean Variety Trials
Wisconsin Winter Wheat Trials
Wisconsin Oat and Barley Trials
Southeast MN Soybean Variety Trial
Minnesota Field Crop Trial Results
Bt Trait Table for selecting hybrids for 2019 growing season

Cash Rent Worksheet

Cash Rent Worksheet for Cropland (2 pages, 2232KB .xls) …This Microsoft Excel file can be saved on your own computer, it automatically calculates returns based on your farm data as you enter it.

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The Cutting Edge: A Podcast in Search of New Crops for Wisconsin
Badger Crop Connect Series
Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP)
2020 Post Corn and Soybean Herbicide Application Window
Considerations for Cover Crop Termination
UW Extension Crop Input Resources for Low Margins
University of Minnesota Applied Weed Science Research Reports
Wisconsin Crop Manager Newsletter
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Handy Bt Trait Table

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