Housing Coalition

The Monroe County Housing Coalition will have a membership of key stakeholders to:

  • Collaboratively identify, prioritize, and address housing gaps with practical solutions
  • Engage and assist policymakers in addressing community housing needs
  • Create community awareness of housing issues, coalition activities and our impact

The Monroe County Housing Coalition meets on the 4th Friday of January, March, May, July, September, & November.

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Why was the Housing Coalition Developed?

  • It has been a known fact that housing issues, poverty, evictions, and homelessness have existed for many years in Monroe County.  Human service/helping agencies have been trying to deal with these critical, life altering issues utilizing existing programs and funding, and have not been able to make significant changes without the support of the community as a whole.
  • After hearing at the 2006 Family Impact Seminar what might be possible in the area of working collaboratively to establish sheltering programs, increase funding opportunities, and address family and individual needs, members of the Monroe County Planning Council organized a Housing Summit in April 2007, at which nearly 80 concerned people were in attendance.
  • The issues surrounding safe, affordable housing for low-income people in Monroe County surfaced through discussions at the Summit.  A subsequent meeting was held in May 2007 to form the Monroe County Housing Coalition with a focus of determining what areas needed the most urgent attention and directing efforts toward alleviating these issues.  This meeting resulted in the development of three working sub-committees that have met regularly since May 2007:  Education, Existing Housing and New Construction, and Emergency Shelter.  A fourth sub-committee, Coalition Management, is helping to guide the bimonthly meetings of the full Coalition, as well as assisting with organizational issues.  These Sub-Committees are ready to initiate projects in an attempt to effect change in housing related issues.

Committee Information

Education Subcommittee:
Existing Housing/New Construction:
Emergency Shelter:

What Can Others do to Help the Coalition’s Efforts?

  • Participate in the Coalition or Sub-Committees
  • Volunteer to participate in Rent Smart and Home Buyer Sessions
  • Check out the web site for meeting dates/times/locations – https://monroe.extension.wisc.edu/housing-coalition/
  • Offer education at Landlord Workshops
  • Open groups/agencies for presentations about housing issues and Coalition efforts
  • Review rental/housing issues with the groups/agencies you are involved in; determine how they might assist
  • Assist with publicizing and supporting efforts of the Coalition within the community
  • Share your contact information (e-mail) to receive ongoing information about the Coalition

Questions about the Monroe County Housing Coalition?


  • Cathy Abbott, Monroe County Human Services, 269-8627
  • Mary Master, Families First, 374-4141
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