Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Arts Contest

The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation has kicked off a contest that challenges all 4-H members to explore their creativity. They will sponsor the art contest, open to any current Wisconsin 4-H member, with cash prizes totaling nearly $1,000. The contest will be held virtually, with photos of all entries submitted electronically. Entries will be accepted from Tuesday, November 1, 2022, until midnight on Sunday, January 15, 2023.

The contest is broken into nine categories:
1. Drawing Using Any Medium
2. Painting (acrylic, watercolor or oil)
3. Pottery, Ceramics or Clay
4. Photography
5. Paper
6. Fabric, Yarn or Fiber
7. Wood
8. Any Other Media (ex: digital, metalcraft, jewelry, leatherwork, wax, eggshells, taxidermy, etc.)
9. 4-H Art

A winner will be chosen in each category with a Best of Show award given to one entry chosen by the judging committee. Category winners will receive a $100 cash award. The Best of Show entry will receive an additional $150 cash award. Other art may be recognized but will not receive a cash award. Winners will be notified by email in February. A complete winner’s list, as well as photos of the winning entries, will be on the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Website by late February.

To be eligible for the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Art Contest, youth must be a 4-H member enrolled in 4H Online for the 2022-2023 4-H Program Year. Entrants do not need to be enrolled in any specific project to participate.

Entry Information
· Entries will be accepted from Tuesday, November 1, 2022, until midnight on Sunday, January 15, 2023.
· A photo of the entry and the completed entry form must be submitted through the contest website: https://forms.gle/KPyDR4KPo2w8e8iF6 or https://4h.extension.wisc.edu/opportunities/projects/arts-communication/celebrate-the-arts/
· A tip sheet for entrants is available on the entry page. Please review this information to learn how best to present and share your art.
· Each artist may submit one entry in one or more category but may submit only one entry in any one category. Example: Fred can submit a photo, a chalk drawing and a ceramic dish, but he cannot enter two photos.

For official contest rules and requirements and how to submit photos of artwork, please visit: Wis4HFoundation.org/events/celebrate-the-arts/ 

Winning entries become the property of the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation. Proceeds from the Celebrate the Arts auction will be split with half invested in the Talen Endowment for 4-H Arts Programming for future program needs and half used for general arts programming.

Since 1914, Wisconsin 4-H has helped young people develop the skills they need to meet the demands of our complex and changing world. Growing out of a rich history of agricultural clubs that helped the University of Wisconsin Extension connect families to research-based advancements in farming technology and techniques, today’s 4-H has expanded to include science (STEM), leadership, healthy living and communications programming that will help Wisconsin youth build a healthier and more prosperous future.

4-H is one of the largest and oldest statewide youth organizations in Wisconsin, offering a wide variety of programs in both urban and rural settings. From the 4-H activities in the city of Milwaukee to the 4-H clubs in rural areas of Bayfield County, 4-H is making a positive impact on young people throughout the state. Nearly 150,000 youth participate in the Wisconsin 4-H program each year, and more than 22,000 volunteers support the program.

The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation, based in Madison, provides essential funding for 4-H programs throughout Wisconsin. By partnering with individuals, corporations and foundations, the Foundation supports 4-H leadership, youth development and community-building activities throughout the state. Learn more about the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation by visiting www.Wis4HFoundation.org.

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