Health, Families & Finances

We work with people in their homes, schools, community meeting rooms in banks and libraries, and other convenient locations. We provide information that people need to solve a problem and build community capacity. We assist community groups with facilitation and strategic planning. Our work ranges from one-time transfer of information, such as by phone or email, to multiple educational efforts that can transform people and their communities.

The University of Wisconsin Extension Educator’s Mission

To extend the resources of the University of Wisconsin to people where they live and work

Family Living Mission

Responding to Wisconsin family and community needs with research-based education and partnerships


Family Living Focus

  • Healthy children and adults
  • Strong and secure families
  • Thriving and caring communities that are positive environments for families to live and work

Content Areas

  • Food, Nutrition and Health
    • Food safety and nutrition
    • Food resource management
    • Food security
  • Family Financial Security
    • Saving and goal setting
    • Family retirement and estate planning
    • Access to affordable housing
    • First-time homeowners education
  • Family Strengthening
    • Parenting skills
    • School success
    • Child care
    • Family caregiving
    • Preventing child abuse, youth substance use, and delinquency


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