Meat Animal ID

2023 Meat Animal Pre-ID

Beef IDs are due online by March 1st by 4:30 p.m. If March 1 is a Saturday or Sunday, due date is the first business day after March 1.

Market goats, lambs and swine IDs are due online by 4:30 pm on Monday, May 15, 2023.

Monroe County Fair tags are available at the Extension Office, the Fair Office, or you can check with your club or FFA Advisor. Please call ahead so your tags can be ready. Scrapie Tags are an acceptable form of ID for goats and sheep at the Monroe County Fair.

Sheep weigh-in will be May 15, 2023. The event will run 5-7 p.m. The event will be at the Cashton Ag Room. Park behind the school and come up the side of the building by the green house.  ID forms are submitted for you if you participate in the county sheep weigh-in.

If you do not participate in the county weigh in animals need to be identified by using the online ID form. You must fill out the form for each animal ID’d individually. The link to the form is available at the bottom of this page.

Swine IDs require a Monroe County Fair (MCF) tag. There is no Swine weigh-in.

If you encounter problems or need help with the id form, contact the Fair Office at 608-372-2081.

The form will ask various information and then will ask for three photos for each animal.

The photos upload right into the form. You will receive a verification email that shows the information you entered into the system. You can still download a PDF of your entry as well once you submit the information.

The three photos will be:

  1. A profile shot of the left side of the animal.
  2. A profile shot of the right side of the animal.
  3. A close photo of the Monroe County Fair tag or State Fair tag, in the animal’s ear, so that it can be read.

Here are some examples of acceptable pictures. 

Left Profile
The left profile of the animal  
Right Profile
The right profile of the animal
Ear Tag
A close-up, properly placed, readable ear tag

A few tips on taking a successful identification photo:

  1. Turning the flash off may reduce glare in the picture when doing a close up of the tag and ear.
  2. If possible, it may be better to take photos outdoors.
  3. Try to photograph the animal in a natural pose, if possible, when taking the profile shots.
  4. The profile photos can be in the pasture or lot when the animal is standing still.

Here is the link to submit your ID: 2023 Monroe County Fair Animal ID (
All ID information and pictures will be reviewed. You will be sent an e-mail if a picture needs to be re-submitted.

Use good biosecurity when purchasing tags. Please do not wear clothes you have worn to the barn where the animals are kept to the place where you purchase your tags. It is also recommended that you purchase a tagger for your family’s animals. They are available at most Ag stores or online. The Monroe County tags are Du-Flex brand so make sure the tagger you get is compatible. If getting your own tagger is not possible and you borrow one make sure to disinfect, and completely dry it before taking it to the animal housing and after you have tagged your animals to prevent disease spread.  A short soak in a 10% bleach solution is all that is needed.

Contact your FFA advisor, the Fair Office or your club leader if you have questions.

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