Family Financial Security

One of the biggest challenges to family well-being is financial security. Our
educational programs aim to teach families how to best meet their future financial
needs while still keeping pace with day-to-day expenses. We help individuals and
families learn money and resource management skills in earning, spending, saving, investing, health care, and housing. As a result, families are better able to pay down debt, build emergency funds, buy a first home, and save for education.

Family Financial Security Areas

  • Saving and goal setting
  • Family retirement and estate planning
  • Access to affordable housing
  • First-time homeowners education

Resources and Links

Managing Your Personal Finances in Tough Times  A number of money management resources from UW Extension

Choose to Save  Hundreds of useful on-line articles and tools related to saving and managing money. Includes money-saving tips, links for kids, calculators for credit card debt, retirement, college and more.

Pay Down Debt with Power Pay    Making “Power Payments” is a widely recommended way to pay down debt  faster so you can start saving. This website from Utah State University Extension offers tools that make it easy to implement this strategy.  Also features other useful resources like a Spending Plan tool that creates your budget online instead of with a pencil and paper.

Spend Smart Eat Smart  This fun, interactive resource from Iowa State University Extension offers a number of useful tools for cutting back on food costs.  Meal planning, smart shopping, low-cost recipes and more.

Ballpark Estimate An easy-to-use worksheet that helps consumers identify approximately how much to save in order to fund a comfortable retirement. Can be completed on paper or online to let the computer do the math. Designed for consumers wtih more than 10 years left before retirement.

American Savings Education Council
A nonprofit national coalition of public- and private-sector institutions undertaking initiatives to raise public awareness about what is needed to ensure long-term personal financial independence.

Federal Trade Commission
Works to ensure that the nation’s markets are vigorous, efficient and free of restrictions that harm consumers.

Consumer Handbook to Credit Protection Laws
A repository of information on consumers credit, provided by the Federal Reserve Board.
The official U.S. gateway to all government information, is the catalyst for a growing electronic government, including consumer information.

The Investors Clearinghouse
Investor education resources from 21 leading non-profit, governmental and self-regulatory associations and agencies; provides investors with access to a full range of information needed to make wise investment decisions.

The Young Investor Website
A way for kids to learn the fundamentals of money and investing in a comfortable, familiar and interactive environment, was developed by Liberty Financial Companies.

Financial Help for Everyone a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people create healthy financial lives by provide a wide range of materials to inspire and inform people so that they can break down their barriers to financial and personal success.

Money in Marriage
A collection of interactive activities and resources for educational programs designed to increase communication and money management skills of engaged or recently married couples.

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