About 4-H

University of Wisconsin-Extension programs in 4-H Youth Development give young people opportunities to learn new skills, gain self-confidence and contribute to their communities. Backed by the knowledge and research base of the University of Wisconsin, 4-H Youth Development educators design educational, leadership and citizenship experiences for youth. These programs are delivered directly through more than 20,000 adult volunteers in neighborhood 4-H clubs or groups and by collaborating with other local organizations.


  • …is a youth organization of boys and girls sharing, doing, and learning together in all kinds of projects, events, and activities.  4-H members are guided by volunteer adult leaders, parents, and UW Extension staff.  Members choose projects that fit their personal interests.  Both rural and urban youth enjoy the merits of the 4-H program.  Families enjoy the meaningful time together through a variety of events.
  • …is open to all boys and girls, kindergarten through one year past high school graduation.  4-H is open to all youth, regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or ability.
  • … has a small membership fee, which varies from club to club and nominal charges for project literature and special activities which help pay for food, transportation, or supplies.
  • …is a non-profit organization.


4 elements puzzle_Page_1The Four Essential Elements of Youth Development


  • A Positive Relationship with a Caring Adult
  • A caring adults acts as an advisor, guide and mentor.  The adult helps set boundaries and expectations for young people.
  • An Inclusive Environment
  • An inclusive environment is one that creates a sense of belonging, encourages and supports its members with positive and specific feedback.
  • A Safe Environment
  • Youth should not fear physical or emotional harm while participating in a 4-H experience whether from the learning environment itself, adults, other participants or spectators.


  • Opportunity for Mastery
  • Mastery is the building of knowledge, skills, and attitudes and then demonstrating the competent use of this knowledge and skills in the manner of a proficient practitioner.  The development of mastery is a process over time.
  • Engagement in Learning
  • An engaged youth is one who is mindful of the subject area, building relationships and connections in order to develop understanding.  The engaged learner has a higher degree of self-motivation and an inexhaustible capacity to create.


  • Opportunity to See Oneself as an Active Participant in the Future
  • The ability to see oneself in the future is to have hope and optimism to shape life choices to facilitate the transition into participating in the future.
  • Opportunity for Self-Determination
  • Youth must exercise a sense of influence over their lives, exercising their potential to become self-directing, autonomous adults.


  • Opportunity to Value and Practice Service to Others
  • Finding one’s self begins with losing yourself in the service of others.  Service is a way for members to gain exposure to the larger community, indeed the world itself.

The 4 H’s…


→Think Critically

→Solving Problems


→Respecting self, others, and the environment



→Preparing for a career

→Serving others


→Choosing healthy lifestyles

 →Managing change and challenges


Wisconsin 4-H Website

Wisconsin 4-H Policy


4-H Membership

  • Regular Members are in third grade through the year following high school.
  • Explorers are in second grade.
  • Cloverbuds are in Kindergarten or first grade.

Enrolling in 4-H is simple! To receive an enrollment packet, email mocowi4h@gmail.com or call the office at (608) 269-8722. If emailing be sure to include:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. How many youth are interested in joining
  4. ENROLLMENT PACKET in the subject line
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