Meat Animal ID

2019 Meat Animal Pre-ID

Market Beef Steer ID Procedures for 2019
Due in the Extension Office by 4:30 pm on March 1.

Market beef steers have three options for Pre-ID requirements for the county fair:

  1. Use the on-line Self ID process, this is similar to what was an option for all species last year. (encouraged if not participating in weigh in)
  2. Participate in the Voluntary Weigh in on Saturday, February 2 at the Equity Livestock Sale Barn from 9 am to noon. This option is the same as in the past. Participants are responsible for getting animals in the chute and assisting with tagging. Paper form or on-line is fine from voluntary weigh in, weight will be verified from weigh in records.
  3. Since some steers may be a little too skittish at this time to get acceptable pictures taken, we will accept a paper copy of the id form with correct signatures from a club leader to verify the animal has been properly tagged and described on the form.

The on-line process will collect the same information as the paper form with the addition of three photos.

The three photos will be:

  1. a close photo of the Monroe County Fair tag or State Fair tag, in the animals ear, so that it can be read;
  2. a profile shot of the left side of the animal
  3. a profile shot of the right side of the animal.

links are below for on-line form and e-mail to send pictures to.

The electronic form time stamps all entries, so we know if it is in on time or not.  Waiting until the last minute is not wise…

The electronic form will collect the same information as in years past. In addition to the online form you must email 3 photographs.

The three photos will be:

  1. A close photo of the Monroe County Fair tag or State Fair tag, in the animals ear, so that it can be read
  2. A profile shot showing the left side of the animal and
  3. A profile shot showing the right side of the animal.

The address to sent the photos to is

Here are some examples of acceptable pictures. 

Left Profile

The left profile of the animal

Right Profile

The right profile of the animal

Ear Tag

A close-up, properly placed, readable ear tag

A few tips on taking a successful identification photo:

  1.  Turning the flash off may reduce glare in the picture when doing a close up of the tag and ear
  2. It may be better to take photos outdoors if possible
  3. Try to photograph  the animal in a natural pose if possible when taking the profile shots
  4. The profile photos can be in the pasture or lot when the animal is standing still

This year pictures will need to be e-mailed to the following e-mail address; use this e-mail address only for livestock id pictures.

E-mail only 1 animal’s pictures in an e-mail at a time and in the message put in species and tag number. (for example “steer tag number 275”)

Ag Agent Bill will review all ID information and pictures and send you an e-mail letting you know if everything is good or if something needs to be re-submitted. You will probably not get an immediate reply back, but it should be within a day or two.

Click here for a link to the on line self id form.  2019 Monroe County Livestock ID page

Check with your FFA advisor, your 4-H club leader or the Extension Office for eartags.

Use good bio-security when purchasing tags. Please do not wear clothes you have worn to the barn where the animals are kept to the place where you purchase your tags. It is also recommended that you purchase a tagger for your family’s animals. They are available at most Ag stores or online. The Monroe County tags are Du-Flex brand so make sure the tagger you get is compatible. If getting your own tagger is not possible and you borrow one make sure to disinfect, and completely dry it before taking it to the animal housing and after you have tagged your animals to prevent disease spread.  A short soak in a 10% bleach solution is all that is needed.

Contact your FFA advisor, The Extension Office or your club leader if you have questions.

If you do need to use the paper ID form here is a digital version.

Beef ID Form

Mail forms to:

University Extension- Monroe County
Animal ID
14345 County Rd B, Room 1
Sparta, WI 54656
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