Secretary’s Book

The NEW Monroe County Club Secretary’s book now consists of 5 sections separated by tabs. These books are required from each chartered club or group.

  1. Club Evaluation Form- This is a Wisconsin 4-H form that serves as a good lens to look at your club’s makeup for the previous year. This form has been part of the Secretary’s Book for many years. You should be able to look at previous books to find the year over year data. If you can not find previous books or your club has not done a Secretary’s Book previously, feel free to call the UW -Extension Office. The office can provide club data.
  2. Monthly Club Meeting Minutes- Please enter your monthly minutes from each meeting starting with September at the back. The most recent meeting minutes should be on top. If your club did not meet on certain months simply insert a sheet of paper that states the club did not meet during the month.
  3. Club Activities- The club calendar is the first page of this section. You may use the calendar submitted with your club’s charter or create your own. The rest of this section is made up of Club Activity Reports. This one page forms ask secretaries to report on the non meeting activities of the club.  All clubs should have a minimum of two activities to report. Active clubs will have four activities to report. Superior clubs will have 6 or more activities to report.
  4. Club Attendance Record- There are two attendance forms to choose from. The “Official” is by calendar year, January through December. The Monroe County Form is by the 4-H year, October through September. The secretary may also create their own spreadsheet to use to keep record of member attendance.
  5. Club Directory- This section is a report from the 4-H Online System. If you ask your club leader to print the “Club Directory” you can simply punch holes and place it in the Secretary’s Book. If your leader is unable to print the report call the UW-Extension Office at 608-269-8722. We will print and mail your clubs report to you.

Secretary’s Book Forms




Secretary’s Book Cover Page PDF
Secretary’s Book Labels PDF WORD
Club Evaluation Form PDF WORD
Club Meeting Minutes PDF WORD
Club Activity Report Form PDF WORD
Club Calendar Planning Tool PDF
Official Attendance Record Form-Jan.-Dec. (Secretary may use their own form or computer spreadsheet) PDF WORD
MOCO4-H Attendance Record Form-Oct.-Sept (Secretary may use their own form or computer spreadsheet) PDF Excel Book
Secretary’s Book Scoring Guide PDF WORD